Webinar Cancellation, Refund Policies

Once purchased, webinars cannot be refunded. If your refund request is due to a scheduling conflict, you may contact info@thinkasklearn.com.au  for assistance with a link to the recording.

Webinar Inservice Program

 The Emergency Nursing Webinar Inservice Program is designed for individual use. The webinars are not for sharing amongst colleagues. Detection of sharing of passwords, links to live sessions or videos of webinar recordings will result in immediate removal from the inservice program. Refund in this situation is not possible.

There is a corporate rate for group access to webinars.

Technical Failure

Before purchasing a Webinar please visit the Adobe Connect support page and browse the following "Getting Started Guide" at:



About Adobe Connect:

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing and training solution for real-time meetings, eLearning, and online presentations that audiences can see and hear anytime, anywhere, through any standard web browser.  Depending on which applications your organization has selected, you'll be able to use Adobe Connect to deliver rich, engaging content through live meetings, online training courses, on-demand presentations, or all three.

More Resources:

Adobe Connect Overview:


Adobe Connect Support Center (self-service and assisted support options):


Most technical glitches can be traced to your company’s firewalls, security settings, or other network issues. Please work with Adobe and your I.T. Department to resolve these issues well in advance.

•If technical failure at the purchaser’s home or workplace prevents access to the live webinar, the purchaser will be given access to a recording.

•If the technical failure is the fault of our service provider and the event does not go on as planned, a full refund will be offered.

Scheduling Conflicts

We understand plans can change. Scheduling conflicts may include unexpected meetings or other work obligations, absence from the usual workplace, personal or family illness, jury duty, etc. In these cases, requests for access to the recording will be accepted after the webinar has occurred. The recording is available the next day and for 30 days after the webinar has concluded. Contact hours are still available to the purchaser with the completion of an evaluation form within this 30-day window. At this time it is not possible to transfer a registration from one person to another.

Workshop Refund Policy

Individual Workshop Fees

Cancellation fourteen (14) or more days before workshop – 100% refund minus $50 administration fee. No refunds for cancellations within fourteen (14) days of the workshop.

COVID Cancellation

Obviously COVID makes it increasingly difficult to run workshops but not impossible. We use the venues COVID safe plan. If we are unable to run a course because of a COVID outbreak, we will reschedule the workshop to run when next available.

If you are told to isolate because you are unwell on the day or awaiting your COVID result, and we are within 14 days of the course, then we will attempt to refund you the unused portion of the registration fees. You will need to produce a medical certificate of ‘COVID isolation’ when you apply for a refund.

There is no refund due to “COVID concern” and the workshop/event is still going ahead.  

Cancellation of Corporate Courses

75% refund of presenter fees if course is cancelled more than six (6) weeks. No refunds on the “non refundable” aspects of the workshop fees.

No refunds for cancellations within six (6) weeks of the workshop.

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