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Nursing Medico Legal Reports

David Corkill RN

Masters of Emergency Nursing

Masters of Advanced Practice

David is well regarded and highly experienced educator in healthcare with
over 15 years of local and international nurse education experience. He has filled the role of both Adult and Paediatric Emergency Nurse Educator at a tertiary level hospitals. David has a strong background in Emergency Nursing Care for over 25 years. His passion is delivering high quality, interactive education solutions that are clinically relevant and easily accessible for clinical staff.

Through experience as a
clinical nurse specialist and as a nurse educator, David has a practical and theoretical understanding of standard of care in a diverse range of nursing areas including critical and emergency care, acute nursing and paediatrics. He can provide concise medico-legal opinions on irregularities and deviations of care in nursing practice.

Email Contact: info@thinkasklearn.com.au

Areas of Interest and Expertise

  1. Emergency Care

  2. Care of the Critical Ill

  3. Triage Assessment

  4. Paediatric Care

  5. Transfer of Critically Ill patients

  6. Multi Trauma Patients and their Care

  7. Minor Trauma including Motor Vehicle Accidents and Assault

  8. Falls and Falls Risk Assessment

  9. Medication Errors

  10. IV cannulation and fluid administration

  11. Nursing Standards

  12. Scope of Practice Issues

  13. Emergency Care of the Mental Health Patient

  14. Catheter care

  15. Indwelling Catheter insertion and other invasive devices

  16. Pressure area care

  17. Wounds and Burns Care

  18. Cardiac Arrest and Post Cardiac Arrest Nursing Care

  19. Nursing care of Myocardial Infarction and Stroke

  20. Medication Administration

  21. Nursing Competency/Failure to follow standards of care

  22. Documentation

  23. Standard of Nursing Care

  24. Failure to provide the appropriate nursing care

  25. Managing and Recognising Sepsis

  26. Early Discharge of Patients

  27. Failure to use equipment in a responsible manner

  28. Failure to assess and monitor and failure to communicate

  29. Failure to act as a patient advocate

If you require assistance with any medicolegal reports please email info@thinkasklearn.com.au