Our Upcoming Workshops for 2024

Acute Complex Care Course 

        Gold Coast 29th Jan - 3rd Feb 2024 SOLD OUT

        Gold Coast 17th June - 22nd June 2024

        Gold Coast 28th Oct - 2nd Nov 2024

Essentials of Emergency Nursing: A workshop for Practice Nurses

        Brisbane 21st/22nd March 2024 SOLD OUT

        Melbourne 22nd/23rd Aug 2024 SOLD OUT

         Melbourne 12th/13th Sept 2024 Now Open

        Adelaide 24th/25th Oct 2024


Essentials of Emergency Nursing: A workshop for School Nurses

        Melbourne 2nd/3rd May 2024 SOLD OUT

        Melbourne 9th/10th May 2024 SOLD OUT

        Melbourne 6th/7th June 2024 SOLD OUT

        Adelaide 8th/9th Aug 2024

        Perth 10th/11th Oct 2024       

Care of the Crashing ED Patient

        Sydney 7th June 2024

       Melbourne 16th Aug 2024

Combo Course -Dissection Lab/Intubation and ventilation workshop

        Brisbane 25th/26th July 2024

        Brisbane 7th/8th Nov 2024

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