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Annual Subscription only: $485 Now only $380 plus PayPal booking fee ($13.98)

Included video of all webinars, certificate of attendance and Professional Development Points for all sessions attended

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Annual Subscription - The fine print

The annual subscription consists of 46 weeks of webinar delivery

We aim to deliver 4 sessions per week however with public holidays and workshop delivery this is not always possible. A week of webinars consists of a minimum of 3 sessions. If we do not deliver 3 sessions in the week then this week is not counted towards your annual subscription.

All live webinars are recorded, Videos are available for up to 60 days after the webinar event.

Certificates are only provided for those members that attend the live webinar.

Emergency Nursing Webinar Inservice Program Subscription

Need more clinical education

The Emergency Nursing Webinar Inservice Program is for you.

Now Presenting Four Different Topics a week

Monday at 2000hrs

Tuesday at 0930hrs

Wednesday at 1630hrs

Thursday at 0830hrs

All times are AEST (Brisbane, Australia Local Time)

Emergency Nursing Reference Cards Discount Sale

The excellent, new and updated laminated Referenced cards include a comprehensive range of charts, algorithms and clinical assessment guides to aid you in every day practice. These double sided cards cover a wide range of clinical conditions and have been developed specifically for emergency nurses.

Topics include

•    Paediatric values- Resus

  1. Ventilation    

  2. Use of BiPAP

  3. Triage descriptors    

  4. Mental Health Triage

  5. Disaster Triage

  6. Normal Pathology Values               

  7. ECG interpretation

  8. Myocardial infarction

  9. ABG interpretation

  10. Sepsis

  11. Abdo Pain

  12. Myocardial infarction

  13. Burns assessment

  14. Care of Stroke Patient

  15. Ankle/Knee assessment   

  16. And many more.

All come with binding ring

Reference Cards Discount: $60 Now only $45

plus PayPal booking fee ($1.92)