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Inservice Program

The Emergency Nursing Inservice Program is for you.

Now Presenting Four Different Topics a week*

Monday at 2000hrs

Tuesday at 0930hrs

Wednesday at 1630hrs

Thursday at 0830hrs

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All times are AEST (Brisbane, Australia Local Time)

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Inservice Topics Covered

Trauma Topics

Major Trauma Management - Key Concepts
Airway, Breathing, Camera - Avoiding the Pitfalls of Trauma

Everything I know about Trauma Teams.....
Hypovolemic Shock - It is not a short pause before death

Mechanism of Injury - Do ED’s need to know?
Let’s crack a chest together - Chest Injuries
Tight Brains - Understanding Neuro Trauma
Elderly Trauma - They are not just big kids
Not Drowning, Waving - Saving lives out of the water
Near Hanging - Desperate Measures
‘That’s got to hurt’ - A guide to Facial Trauma
Do you smell something burning - Dealing with Adult Burns

Creating Calm from Chaos - Disaster Management

Abdominal Trauma- Avoiding the pitfalls
Crush Injuries
Spinal Cord Injury
Hand Injuries
Lower limb injuries and their assessment
Upper limb injuries and their assessment
Holy Cow - Case studies from the Resus Room
The prehospital environment - A paramedics office

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