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Inservice Program

The Emergency Nursing Inservice Program is for you.

Now Presenting Four Different Topics a week*

Monday at 2000hrs

Tuesday at 0930hrs

Wednesday at 1630hrs

Thursday at 0830hrs

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All times are AEST (Brisbane, Australia Local Time)

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Inservice Topics Covered


Critical Care for Emergency Nurses

Emergency Airway Management for nurses
Intubation for Nurses - Essentials of care
‘We are just going to give your Dad a Trachy’ -The Difficult Airway

Managing Acute Pulmonary Oedema
Beyond Intubation - Understanding Ventilation
Anaphylaxis anxiety - Calming the nerves
Intrahospital Transfers
State of Shock - Knowing the Differences
Resuscitation of the Hypotensive Patient
Tracheostomy Emergencies
Resuscitation of the obese patient
Best Practice in Sepsis Management
ED Critical Care - Pearls from ICU
Organ Donation - Concepts for ED nurses
Diving Injuries - The power of bubbles
Critical Electrolyte Imbalances

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